15 minutes to write – Peaceful Easy Feeling

in 1969 Jack Tempchin wrote a song called ‘ Peaceful Easy Feeling’. After a gig with his band he found himself in a bar trying to chat up a waitress – unsuccessfully! He crashed on the bar floor and to pass time started to write the lyrics to a song on the back of a flyer. It became a massive hit for The Eagles. Jack said the song is about tranquility, about either way, if she said yes or no it was OK – he had a peaceful easy feeling. So here is my take on what really happened :).

Image result for images of golden hair colour

She had golden hair, the biggest green eyes he had ever seen and a smile that lit up the room. As she moved she seemed to leave a trail of sparkles in her wake.

He watched her as she tended the tables in the small bar he had found himself in just off the highway, on the road to nowhere special. He was tired and had found a quiet corner with a bottle of beer to keep him company.They had all gone their separate ways after the gig. He had the furthest to go and was a long way from the place he called home. His guitar by his feet, he felt at peace.

His beer was empty and as she served the table next to him he caught her eye. He waved the bottle and she smiled and winked. That smile, there it was again, a smile to change a mans life, a smile that he could look at every day, a smile to wake up to and to keep close for always. A smile that would change a day in an instant. He hadn’t seen a wedding ring on her finger and she had the care-fee air of a free spirit.He would ask her if she wanted a drink after she finished work, what the heck, he couldn’t walk away and not ask her……he felt easy about it, like she was part of his destiny.

She walked over with the beer and as she put it down on the table she swept her hair back from her face and smiled…. That smile.

‘There you go’

‘Hey you’ve been non stop since I came in, would you let me buy you a drink when you are done working’

‘ Thats very sweet of you, maybe… if you are still here , its a long shift’.

‘Ill wait’, may I ask your name?’.

‘The folks round here call me Sunny, I think they are referring to my hair’.

‘I think they are referring to that smile’.

She winked again, smiled even more broadly than before and was off to the next table.

He drank his beer and watched her…. Spellbound…. like she was just meant to be. How could it be that he had only just met her? He felt he already knew her, really knew her like a man knows his lover and his friend.

He had another beer and another. The bar gradually emptied until he was the last one.. And he waited patiently.

He was awoken by the bar owner tapping his shoulder ‘wake up Sunny, I’m closing up, time to go my friend, the last bus will pull up outside in a minute if you are heading south’. The bar owner squeezed his shoulder and started to pull down the shutters.

‘What about the barmaid, the one with the golden hair, is she still here?’

‘Barmaid… that beer is stronger than you thought sunny, I wish I could afford a barmaid… just me and the Mrs running this joint.’

He sat back in his chair and felt for his guitar at his feet to make sure at least that was real. He closed his eyes again … and he could see her plain as day, with that beautiful golden hair, green eyes and that smile… that wonderful smile. He had a peaceful easy feeling… she was out there… waiting… he would find her.

He picked up his guitar as the bus pulled up outside the bar. As he left, he stuffed a flyer for the bar into his pocket.

Later, on the bus he took out his guitar and started to mess around with a melody. He scribbled a title on the flyer……. Peaceful Easy Feeling.

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