15 minutes to write – Take It Easy

Jackson Browne wrote ‘Take It Easy’ but couldnt finish it. Glenn Frey did finish it and turned it into an Iconic Eagles hit. There is a statue on the corner in Winslow Arizona to commemorate the place where the song found its inspiration. It is one of my favourite Eagles songs… so … my 15 minute wrting is in honour to this great song……………….

It was hot and dusty sitting in the back of the open back truck that had stopped in Tuscon to answer his plaintiff thumb. The driver had slammed on his brakes as if he had changed his mind at the last minute and taken pity on him.

He shared the cramped space with a ride on mower, a selection of gardening tools and a black and white mongrel dog named Larry.He wasn’t sure who was more in need of a Friend, himself or the dog but he found Larry sitting with his head on his lap, looking at him wistfully as he strummed his guitar to pass the time.Larry’s ears pricking up each time he hit a bum chord.

As route 40 wound its way through the flatlands of Arizona, he thought about the girls he’d left behind him.He had run from town to town and girl to girl without ever looking back. Some had wanted to give love, some had wanted to be loved and some had just wanted… well him… but he had run from them all just the same.He hadn’t thought about what he wanted. He just kept moving on. He had convinced himself that when he found the thing he was looking for… he would know.

The truck stopped at a small garage on the outskirts of a small town. While the driver put gas in the truck, he jumped down and went into the shop to buy a can of Coke. Larry sat on the step outside the shop waiting for him. As he jumped back into the truck a flat bed Ford pulled into the garage and stropped at the pump opposite in a cloud of dust. As the dust cleared, he saw the driver.She slammed the door and headed for the shop. He couldn’t see her face, he just saw the way she moved in those tight fitting jeans, cowboy boots and check shirt worn short revealing her back. He wanted to jump out of the truck but it lurched forward sprawling Larry across his lap and sending his guitar crashing into the mower. And that was it… she was gone…..the truck kicked up the dust and the garage disappeared… like it had been a mirage.. and she had never actually existed.

The route took them through the small town and the driver tapped on the window and indicated this was as far as he could take him. He said his thanks to the driver, gave Larry one last hug, slipped his guitar over his shoulder and jumped down onto the side walk.The truck pulled away and he could see Larry looking at him from the back of the truck as it disappeared down the road.

He stood on the corner and was about to walk away when the flat bed Ford slowed down as it passed him. His heart leapt… oh my lord…. there she was, looking straight at him. The most beautiful sight he had ever seen. She pushed her cowboy hat back and smiled at him. Then she was gone, heading down the road, the dust mockingly obliterating any Chance of a further glimpse of her.

But he knew….. At last he knew… that if he could find her she might just save him.

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