15 minutes to write – Peaceful Easy Feeling

in 1969 Jack Tempchin wrote a song called ‘ Peaceful Easy Feeling’. After a gig with his band he found himself in a bar trying to chat up a waitress – unsuccessfully! He crashed on the bar floor and to pass time started to write the lyrics to a song on the back of aContinue reading “15 minutes to write – Peaceful Easy Feeling”

15 minutes to write – A better Man

My 15 minute offering today was prompted by a song – Better Man by Little Big Town. I was listening to my Spotify play list and this one struck a chord. Not necessarily the words in the song but the essence of wishing we were better and having someone to listen to us. I haveContinue reading “15 minutes to write – A better Man”

15 minutes to write- goodbye old friends

My Dad ( on the right) passed away when I was quite young. This is one of my favourite photos of him when he was about 19, just before he went off to do his National Service in the RAF. I never knew the other two lads or the story behind the photo – soContinue reading “15 minutes to write- goodbye old friends”

15 minutes to write – Buenos Aires

Inspired by a lunch in a cafe in Buenos Aires on a rainy Sunday last week with our beautiful daughter Emily. ……… The door opened with a crash, almost falling off its weather worn hinges as the crowd poured in laughing and chattering, shaking off the rain soaked unberellas as they did so. The hubbubContinue reading “15 minutes to write – Buenos Aires”

Phil the Flamingo – a childrens story

I have a beautiful four year old Granddaughter. She is happy and funny and brave and caring – a real joy. She has sarted school and loves to read. She loves Flamingoes but has always struggled to pronouce Flamingo, it comes out as FIL-A MINGO and it always makes me smile. So this is aContinue reading “Phil the Flamingo – a childrens story”

The Boxer – 15 minutes

I was listening to BBC Radio 4 this morning (UK) and there was a programme on about ‘Soul Music’. The presenter was talking about his career in Boxing and how much and what the ‘Simon and Garfunkel’ song , The Boxer, meant to him. Its a great song from my youth … so here isContinue reading “The Boxer – 15 minutes”

A poem – 15 minutes – If I knew then

My mother was the most lovely lady in the world. Kind, corageous and loving. She passed away last year after a terrible illness. Her funeral was a year ago yesterday. Mum this is for you. God bless x…………………………………. If I knew then what I know now , I wouldn’t waste a breath. I’d hold thoseContinue reading “A poem – 15 minutes – If I knew then”

The Dhobi Ghat tour guide – 15 minutes

During business trips to Mumbai our hosts would love to take us to see the worlds largest outdoor laundry – The Dhobi Ghat. It is the most amazing sight, especially when the laundry is hanging on the lines in the afternoon blowing in the wind as far as the eye can see. So , aContinue reading “The Dhobi Ghat tour guide – 15 minutes”

The Mountain book stall – 15 minutes

Another 15 minute effort. I love this image. We found it in Tenerife at the foot of a hill where families of dwellers had set up primitive homes. The astute amongst you will of course have noticed the picture is on my home page – kind of appropropriate don’t you think that I should writeContinue reading “The Mountain book stall – 15 minutes”

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