15 minutes to write – Take It Easy

Jackson Browne wrote ‘Take It Easy’ but couldnt finish it. Glenn Frey did finish it and turned it into an Iconic Eagles hit. There is a statue on the corner in Winslow Arizona to commemorate the place where the song found its inspiration. It is one of my favourite Eagles songs… so … my 15Continue reading “15 minutes to write – Take It Easy”

15 minutes to write – A better Man

My 15 minute offering today was prompted by a song – Better Man by Little Big Town. I was listening to my Spotify play list and this one struck a chord. Not necessarily the words in the song but the essence of wishing we were better and having someone to listen to us. I haveContinue reading “15 minutes to write – A better Man”

Dignity – 15 minutes

Its grey and cold today. I helped out at the care home for the Christmas service. Chatted to old Jim who used to be in the Army and then a Bricklayer. Nice man, big smile on his face. Insisted on singing ‘ While Shepherds wash their socks by night’ and squeezed my hand hard asContinue reading “Dignity – 15 minutes”

Other Peoples things- 15 minutes

Another 15 minute exercise. I’m a great fan of The Shires music and I love their song – ‘Other Peoples Things’. I found there is a lady in America running an online business selling mystery boxes of random ‘things’. She has tapped into that love we all have for unwrapping presents. The thrill of theContinue reading “Other Peoples things- 15 minutes”

The Scam – a short story about a fraud scam (2000words)

This is a short story about fraud and particularly about scams. I used to work in banking and was involved in managing the scam process.It always seemed to me that scams involved a personal interaction between the scammer and the victim, but were impersonal as they were transactional, a deception practiced to steal money. ButContinue reading “The Scam – a short story about a fraud scam (2000words)”

Frozen Man – 15 minutes

From the idea of James Taylor’s wonderful song about ‘The Frozen Man’. Captain William James McPhee looked out over the bow of the ship.The waves looming higher each time as they crashed onto the decks and through the rigging, sounding like a hundred cannons. The cold cold sea waiting for him and his men, thereContinue reading “Frozen Man – 15 minutes”

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